What you need to know:

The location:

Tulcea has a 60 km distance to the Black Sea

Tulcea is Harbour city (Danube River)

400 m distance between the transformer station of the windfarm and the national grid connection station “Tulcea West”

Hard figures

Windfarm in total 399 MW

4 subprojects/stages I - IV

Start up with Stage I Tulcea 95,7 MW

Stage II - IV can be developed simultaneously

Stage II Bestepe 1 (102 MW)

Stage III Bestepe 2 (102 MW)

Stage IV Valea Nucarilor (99 MW)

Solid foundation


Foundation diameter 25 - Depth 3 m

Approx. 70 t arming by an iron construction

Filled up with 1,500 cubic meter concrete (3,800 t)

Construction Stage I - IV

121 wind turbines

399 MW

680 Mio. Euro calculated turn key price 10.35 % return on investment

Construction Stage I


-29 wind turbines

95.7 MW

170 Mio. Euro calculated turn key price

9.72 % return on investment

Pilmaiquen 2022

Construction Stage I

Bestepe 1+2; Valea Nucarilor

Parallel performing approval procedures II - IV

Construction of access roads and foundations stage. Releasing of further material orders and preparation of the transformer and connection station.

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