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For our children.

Our Ideas for a bright future

Cleaning up the ocean

It’s enough to motivate teenage entrepreneurs, philanthropists, corporations, nonprofit organizations, governments, university students, and afflicted communities around the world to take action. Their ideas are seemingly as diverse as the species living in the sea

A breath of fresh air

One unit can purify up to 426.9 cubic feet per minute and can successfully filter the air within a space that’s as big as a tennis court! By utilising a circular, multi-stage filter, made from a combination of metal and polymer meshes, activated carbon, H13-14 HEPA filter and zeolite, the Multi-Effect Air provides 360 degrees of fresh and clean air.

Fast-track plastic recycling

Every single tonne of recycled plastic cuts carbon emissions by 1.6t and preserves 2t of crude oil. And each tonne that is recycled is not just one tonne less which the industry has to buy as crude oil on the global market – it is also one tonne less of waste plastic in our seas and oceans.

Cable-free car charging

Estimates from different campaigns suggest that up to 90 per cent of current EV charging takes place at home. That’s fine for those with a garage or a driveway, but won’t convince every motorist considering making the switch from a conventional car. And while the charging station infrastructure is growing, the time it takes to top up a battery is still obviously a worry. Here we will develop a system, which is charging while driving.

We didn’t realize we were making memories - we just knew we were having fun.

Adam Sissley, Chief Engineer Officer

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